Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dog Contest: So How Did You Name Your Dog? Author Kerry Alan Denney Has Something Cool Going On.

Kerry and Holly Jolly

Author Kerry Alan Denney is having a contest! You met Kerry here a few days on June 27th with his story on Holly Jolly. If you missed his post you can read it here. His contest sounded like so much fun I wanted to share it here and let everyone know you can visit his blog and enter to win!

Here's the skinny in Kerry's words:

For those of you who are genuine lifelong dog lovers, as I am, you know that we always have an absolute blast—and often a barrel full of laughs—naming our canine companions. Some names are funny, some are tough, some are cute, some are outrageous, some are absurd, and for those of us who are dedicated dog lovers, most are clever.

So what and how did you name your dog? Holly Jolly and I would love to hear your responses and your stories. Please share them in the comments section by clicking on "Add Comment" below this blog post!

THE CONTEST: Whoever comes up with the coolest name that I like the most will not only win a FREE signed 6X9 paperback copy of my paranormal fantasy novel
SOULSNATCHER, but I will also use your dog’s name in my next novel for my fictional canine hero (or heroine), and mention your name in my next novel's Acknowledgments page.
Simple enough. Just go to Kerry's blog by clicking here. Then scroll down and leave your comment!
I've already entered with Miss April In Paris. I'm getting the evil eye from five other dogs who wonder why I didn't choose them. But April has a tale to tell and it is posted with the other contest entries.
Good luck to all!

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