Thursday, September 17, 2015

Miss April In Paris Has A Fan

Skipper likes April's Diary!
Writers like to hear someone has enjoyed their story. I am no exception. So I was thrilled to get the following e-mail (see below) from a stranger who loved my latest book and let me know. Thanks so much, Sharon Gilbert, for my lovely review and the pictures of Skipper. April is smitten with him! Sharon won a copy of my book while I was on a blog tour with WOW! Woman on Writing. I treasure this note.
Remember, proceeds from the sale of A Dog Dreams of Paris go to animal rescue. Available on Amazon.
Thank You so much I received my book today that I won from Oh My Dog (Maggie Marton) contest! I had to sit right down and read the book before I did anything else. I LOVE LOVE your book A Dog Dreams Of Paris. The pictures are so magnificent. The story from Miss April's view was so amazing. I have triplet grand children and next time they are in town and I going to read the story to them.  Two of them are girls and they will love the pictures of the dogs with hats.  They love wearing hats. I am sure the boy is going to laugh his butt off when I read them about the dogs sniffing butts.  They have 2 black lab/great pyrenees (they are rescued siblings - girl and boy) and they are always sniffing butt. I have 2 Vizslas and 1 is a rescue.
Again Love your book!
You are an amazing writer.
Sharon Gilbert
Thank you Sharon and Skipper! You made our day.
                                                                      Barbara and Miss April In Paris