Thursday, November 15, 2012

Puttin' On My Writer's Cap

I have too many blogs. For some reason late at night, sitting at the computer, dreaming instead of writing, an inspiration comes to me. I stop everything and design a new blog. Now I've confused myself on where to write my thoughts. I've killed enough time to have written two books. My own follow-up memoir on my life with dogs has not progressed in several months. But my blog roll continues to grow.

You may remember this blog if you scroll down to earlier posts. I've redesigned it and this will be my stomping ground while I work on my new book.

"Writers write, others just talk about it." I am paraphrasing a quote I've heard many times. I am just talking about writing, so do I still wear the writer's cap?

Tonight at our Writer's Guild meeting my energy level picked up and I grabbed for my cap! It's time to get back to work. I raced home to get started. The hell hounds howled from the kitchen as my van pulled in the drive. My first stop when I entered the house was to let Bertha Barth out of her crate. She is the sixth, and newest dog, and still learning manners with the other dogs. She is left alone while the other five go out. Then all are fed. Then Bertha is let out. It is my daily ritual, several times a day. Five dogs go out and come in, one lone dog goes out and comes in. Tiring, but it keeps harmony with the pack. At this time in my dog life, I have five sunroom dogs, and one living room dog. Perhaps one day the twain shall meet.

Dogs fed and now I am at work. Writing on my book? No. Working on my blog. It is a start.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Writer With Dogs Talking About "Everybody Loves Ika"

Peggy Mullins' new book "Everybody Loves Ika: One Woman's Memoir Of Her Dog, An American Pit Bull Terrier" is almost ready for release. This is a true story about Peggy's Pit Bull and how Ika helped heal her through his loving nature. The cast of characters includes a few horses and a cat! Stay tuned for details. Follow Ika's own blog and be the first to know when you can buy the book! Click here to go to Ika's blog.