Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GUS - Meet # 12 In Our Photo Contest

Feeeeed Meeeeeeeee!!!!  
It works for baby birds – should work for me too.
This is one of my favorite photos of my foster puppy Gus.
Gus came into Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue and quickly stole everyone’s hearts -
as well as their newspapers, shoes, coffee mugs and anything else in reach.
He has since rescued a lovely family and a Jack Russell named Alice.

Ginger Gibson

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet Bentley - Contestant # 11 in Dog Photo Contest

This is Bentley, my 15 week old puppy! He is a mischievous little thing and gets into all sorts of trouble! Whenever he does something he knows he's not suppose to do he likes to try and hide!

"My name is Bentley and I'm trying to blend in with my mum's shoes...I just chewed her favorite rug! They can't see me, they can't see me!"

Thank you,
              Jenny Leach
              Woodstock, GA

Roscoe Brewer - Entry # 10 in Dog Photo Contest

Roscoe Brewer close-up!

Roscoe Brewer:
Woof!  I’m Roscoe and I LOVE to play.  Some people see me coming and they say “Whoa… a German Shepherd” in a nervous voice while moving way over to the edge of the sidewalk (sometimes they even cross the street!).  What they don’t know is that I’m the sweetest guy around and just dying for a chance to smooch them!

submitted by Heidi Brewer

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Entry in Photo Contest #9 Siblings Wilbur and Cherokee

Two dogs on this contest post!

We rescued Wilbur and Cherokee in November 2002. These brother and sister pups were found under the steps of my office. We named the black one Wilbur, because he would grunt like a pig when you were holding him. We named the reddish brown one Cherokee, because they were found on Cherokee St.

Wilbur and Cherokee are the best of siblings. And Cherokee takes very good care of her brother, Wilbur, by cleaning him on a regular basis. As I type, the two are sleeping side by side on their dog beds. Where one goes - the other one must follow.

Thank you for having this photo contest. We'd love to win and have $300 donated to Pick of the Litter, a rescue center near Dallas, GA.

Lenore Meeks

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo Contest Entry #8 Rookie the Dalmation

Hi, I'm Rookie the Dalmatian and I loooove my next-door neighbor, Savannah. She gives great hugs and love! Whenever I get the chance to play, I make a beeline toward her door and bark until I see her smiling face. I think she looks an awful lot like me - don't you? I think we might be twins!

Sent in by
Cheryl Lewis
Alpharetta GA

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meet Pip - Photo Contest Entry #7

I was abandoned at a pet store on September 10th, 2001. Some suspect that I may have been used for breeding, but who knows? The past is the past. I was rescued by a local shelter and brought to live with my family. Life has been great ever since!

Likes: cats, green olives, fancy costumes, peanut butter, eating paper towels, barking at deer, watching Oprah, and contemplating life from the safety of my mom’s lap.

Dislikes: stairs, basic commands, hot days, getting my nails trimmed, my prescription low fat dog food, being away from home, and long walks.

I share my home with three cats, one rabbit, and a couple of humans. You can read more about my life and adventures on my blog Pip Gets Back In The Game!
Note from Writer With Dogs: Pip has a great blog! Be sure to check it out! Thanks for the photo Pip and Kristin

Monday, January 17, 2011

Entry # 6 Ziva, The Golden Retriever From Maine

Hello from Maine,

I'm Ziva, a 2 1/2 year old Golden Retriever from the Coast of Maine. I go everywhere with my Daddy in his truck and I especially love swimming. But living in such a rural area limits my chances to meet other canines from around the world. Fortunately, Daddy lets me use his computer to check out the handsome hounds on some of the Canine Dating sites. We are very careful because we have found out that some of these unscrupulous dogs don't always tell the truth on their profile page. There is no way that a dog can be a multi-millionaire international spy, live in a mansion in Miami and drive a Ferrari.

So a word to all of you pups that surf the web. Better to be safe than sorry.

Sorry, I don't Twitter or Text, no thumbs, you know.
Love to you all,
                                        Ziva Skakle
                                        Stockton Springs, Maine

PS: Here I am with my older sister Baby!

How Bad am I? In my Michael Jackson hat and sunglasses.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Leonidas the Amazing 3 Legged Dog Contest Entry #5

Picture of our Founder, Little Darling, with Leonidas the Amazing 3 Legged Dog.
Leonidas is a cruelty survivor who as a puppy was hung over a fence as bait for another dog, which chewed off his feet. He was left for dead by his owners and brought to a local pit bull rescue by witnesses, who wished to remain anonymous.
Game Dog Guardian and Pinups for Pitbulls sponsored his surgery and recovery. Today, Leonidas is a Delta Society registered therapy dog with GDG and visits schools, police safety days, VA hospitals, offices, and group counseling sessions.
Learn more about Leonidas and other inspiring pit bull type dogs in our 2011 Calendar.
Buy your calendar now!
Learn more about Pinups for Pitbulls by visiting their website!
Meet Beretta, the amazing Creative Director for Pinups for Pitbulls!

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