Saturday, August 17, 2013

A New Official Website Launched - Barbara Barth Writer....With Dogs, Of Course


      A new website to pull together all my work! Visit Barbara Barth Writer

     The website is but the title of my new web is 'Barbara Barth Writer With Dogs', not to be confused with my other 'Writer With Dogs' website and this here old blog!

    If someone took a large box of milk bones, opened it up, then tossed it in the air and let the bones fly out and land hither and yon, you might have an idea on how scattered my websites and blogs are! My creative side likes to play with new blogs and I am learning how to design my own websites. So now I have too many!

    This year promises to be a great year - yes, it is August, the year more than half-way over, but my great year starts with my birthday this month, August 21st, when I turn that magic number 65!

    I have two new books in the works - one a continuing memoir on my life with dogs, the other a romantic thriller Danger In Her Words that will be available the first part of 2014.
    I'm also finally getting Gilbert Street Press  running with my sister Pam King at the helm. Original custom book covers and book formatting for paper and e-books at affordable prices. We have two books up on Amazon and Kindle now and a third near completion. My sister's design company is pd king design.
   A new blog, Barbara Barth "Sparkle" will be my new place to rant and rave about life, my books, my dogs, and whatever else I need to talk about to keep myself sane living with six dogs at home. Look for changes here as my blog will start featuring other writers and their dog stories come 2014.
     I am not getting older, I am aging well. Of course, in doggie years, I am...
what am I? Older, younger? Does it matter? I still like to put my head out the car window and sniff in the fresh air. Life is great. Now if I could just find someone to scratch me behind my ears...

Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Why I Can't Sell My King Size Bed

For a brief few days I toyed with the idea of downsizing to a queen size bed. Desperate for some decorating changes in my house, it seemed like a plan. five dogs slept with me at night, but we had plenty of room. So much room, in fact, that I knew we'd all fit in a smaller bed. My bedroom would look larger with a queen size bed. I could buy a headboard, and pitch the homemade one that had been in the room for as many years as I have - thirty. My thought pattern changed today. Bertha jumped up and made herself at home for an afternoon nap. Bertha sleeps in her crate, she is still the latest dog in training. Today she made great strides and joined the others. With a sixty-five pound bassett hound mix in the mix on the bed, I realized my king size bed was here to stay. What do you think?

Bertha realized I would let her stay on the bed, so she flopped down and took a big snooze.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Writer's Companions

Days spent on the computer are shared moments with the six-pack. Surrounded by fur I write and smile! Wouldn't you smile too?

 Chloe stretches and jumps down so the others can come aboard.

Front to rear, Bertha, Miss April in Paris, and Rascal.

The only male Bray, still afraid of his shadow after three years here.

Annabelle, so old, but so dear.
Annabelle, Bray and Chloe star in my book "The Unfaithful Widow". You will meet all of the pack in my new book, still in the works! It's my crazy life with dogs.