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Elizabeth Cassidy, Writer and Artist, and Miz Ruby

A conversation with Elizabeth and Miz Ruby – one paints and writes and the other pants and begs for cat treats. Dog Hair all over everything means never having to say you are sorry. You hear that, Ruby?

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Cassidy, writer and artist, and this is Miz Ruby, a 109 lb. yellow lab of love. I hope she doesn’t find out that I am telling the world that she gained 7 lbs. since her last vet visit. I know she would never do that to me because her typing skills are not what they used to be. Plus, she does not have a mean bone in that body of hers.

Ruby believes that she is the mother of my cats. She can be quite maternal with them  - cleaning them and knocking them over with her huge tongue. They really enjoy that. Not.  I dream about her with a scooper in her paw cleaning out the litter boxes. But, that is why you keep humans around you. Isn’t that right, Ruby? Don’t look at me like you don’t know what I am talking about and stop blaming the cats for the big hole in the leather sofa.  That is why they make chenille throws. Another secret exposed.

Ruby and Freckles
Ruby came into our lives 10 years ago. She was two years old and living in the garage of a woman who had too many people and animals living in her house. Her name was Misty, but I quickly changed it to Miz Ruby. Our petite pup never barked until she was living with us for about six months. Scared the hell out of all of us. Seems that nasty woman had a collar on her that shocked her when she did bark.
She has a good hearty bark. Sounds scary although once you break into my house, Ruby will show you where the jewelry and cash are. Just give her half a bag of cat treats and she will just roll over while showing where I keep my good shoes.
I think I just hurt her feelings. Bad me. Here is that big rawhide treat that I have been saving for a special occasion. Please do your best to not choke on it. I know the cats told you that I like to put my whole hand down your throat to retrieve the wayward piece, but alas, they lie.
I know I am hogging the conversation, so I would like Ruby to answer a few questions. And for God’s sake, stop licking yourself. You’d never catch me doing that….when other people are at home.
Ruby, how is it being a dog living in the 21st Century? 
Woof, woof, woo woo, WOOF!!! 
So are you saying you like living here? Stop yawning and I just love the cat poop breath on you. You will eat just about anything except for grapes and olives.  Would you like to comment on that?  
Yes, you do have big teeth but they are in proportion to your body. So that is a “no” as to why olives and grapes are not on your list of things to steal from the fridge. I just hope you enjoyed the whole chicken from last week.  By the way, grapes and olives were used for the base for the gravy. Makes you want to rethink the next midnight trip to the fridge, eh?
So what is your favorite thing about taking a walk?
I hear you. What walk? It is more like a stroll in slow motion. Yes, it does give you time to see which friends have visited what trees and what their moms gave them for dinner.  What, are you writing a book? Don’t give me that look.
I just glanced over and there Ruby is, lying on her left side and dreaming. I swear, if I spent as much time as she and the cats do snoring and running in their sleep , we would be living under a bush with a dead rat to share amongst ourselves.  Veganism is sounding so good right about now.
Ruby and Mickey Picassa
So that is my dog, Miz Ruby. I can’t believe that we got such a loving animal to live with us. She is really a joy to be around. She teaches me more than I could ever teach her. Although I did get her to understand the sit command. She just chooses to ignore it. So in the end, we work really well together.  But she is not getting the keys to the car. Ever.

What The Human Does:

Become who you truly are. Just get really quiet and wait to hear yourself say, “It is time to create what my soul feels.” Create your own masterpieces.

Three years ago, I rediscovered my artistic side. I was co-facilitating a women’s workshop in Manhattan when I met a photographer who was talking about wanting to draw for 30 days. My arm went up into the air (I was hoping it was just a spasm) and I said I would draw with her. It had been years since I picked up a brush or a pen. We all know the story – my life got in the way of me doing what I am supposed to be doing. I could take a little time each day to create.

My first week of painting was a disaster. I started to grieve for the artist that I had neglected. But then a remarkable thing happened. I just told myself to paint whatever I wanted to paint – no restrictions. And little by little my inner artist decided to make another appearance and we have been living happily in the same body ever since that day. Right?

I create art because I feel I have no choice but to paint what I feel. It is a very emotional experience for me to put myself on paper, whether it is words or art, because if I don’t get my art and words out – then who will? I like to think of this as the best job I never got hired for. And the good news is that I can’t fire myself. I tried once.

I love painting in pastels, dabbling with ink and colored pencils, and I favor the abstract world since the rents are cheaper there. I create my portraits by using my non-dominant hand and I just discovered Touch Drawing.

The Queen Is Not Amused

I was in the advertising and publishing field for over 20 years in NYC. I am now a humorist, artist, certified creativity coach for artists and writers, a Reiki Advanced Practitioner, and a faculty member of the Art League of Long Island, where I am currently teaching workshops on Touch Drawing. I am a member of Art (that Matters) an artist collective in Huntington. For two years, I have been one-half of The Film Fatales - a couple of opinionated women who review movies - and we have just gone international. Who knew?


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