Monday, November 22, 2010

Dogs And Thanksgiving: Some Safety Tips To Remember

Keep An Eye On Fido This Thanksgiving!

Don't find out that your dog has gone through the trash to get a share of your Thanksgiving turkey!

Cooked turkey is safe for your dog to eat, in small amounts. Remember that any change in diet can cause stomach issues for a pooch. So don't go overboard with table scraps as a treat for the holiday season.

Dogs like to snatch anything that smells yummy. Be careful of the things you use and discard after cooking your bird. Even good dogs go bad around the aroma of turkey. Skewers, string, pop-up timers, roasting bags all have that yummy turkey taste and, if left unattended, or disposed of without thought, there is a good chance your dog will grab them. Swallowing such things can cause an intestinal blockage or perforation. 

Turkey bones and all poutry bones splinter easily and can lodge inside and also perforate a dog's intestines. Watch when you discard turkey bones and other garbage. Be sure to keep trash away from your dogs and in cans they can't sneak back to and rummage in.  

Turkey skin is another treat your dogs will want to snarf up.  The fat in poultry skin can cause stomach problems and Pancreatitis, a serious inflammatory condition of the pancreas that causes vomiting and dehydration.

Let your dog join in your celebration by adding a few pieces of boneless, skinless turkey meat to his/her kibble. You and your dog will be thankful you kept safety for fido top on your holiday menu.

Sometimes It Feels Like This At Our House With Six Dogs Waiting To Be Fed

Wishing Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving!

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