Monday, February 14, 2011

Cuda The Deformed (Yet So Charming) Pit Bull Entry #14


Cuda is an entry in Writer With Dog's photo contest, but Cuda is also in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest. See how you can help. Time is running out to help raise the money needed for Cuda to make this journey to the contest. Check out how you can help Cuda win:

And remember to vote for your favorite dog photo here! Contest ends in a few days.

I will let Julie tell you about Cuda:

Our Story

Cuda is a congenital miracle who somehow survived and ended up in our family when she was five months old.  She was given to us at a gas station by a couple who had said they rescued her.  Upon examination you can see that she bears several obvious traits of an inbred dog, including a fused neck, curved spine, hunched back, hocked rear legs and an exaggerated under bite.  She has received a clean bill of health and continues to thrive, playing with our other dogs and cats.  Our goal is to promote the awareness pit bull tolerance, inbreeding, line breeding and overpopulation.

The Impact

By taking Cuda to the World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma California in June 2011 we hope to make the public aware of the ramification of overpopulation of animals, risks associated with Inbreeding and pit bull tolerance.

Visit Cuda's BLOG! You will fall in love with this sweet dog!


  1. Cuda is such a sweetheart she stole our hearts. Susan Lord and Kids

  2. Cuda,
    We think you are super cute! So glad you have a loving forever home and furry family to play with. Keep up the good works,

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. Cuda is SO cute. I look at her pics online every day and think how darn cute she is... She just looks so sweet and loving. I heart Cuda!!

  4. Love you Cuda!! Best of luck!

  5. cuda is a sweet dog & you are a beautiful person

  6. I'm a Cuda Fan! This dog is SUPER sweet!!! She always brightens my day after a visit!

  7. We just love Cuda! We think that she is the sweetest thing ever!

    Qbert Ruffka & Sammy