Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meet Pip - Photo Contest Entry #7

I was abandoned at a pet store on September 10th, 2001. Some suspect that I may have been used for breeding, but who knows? The past is the past. I was rescued by a local shelter and brought to live with my family. Life has been great ever since!

Likes: cats, green olives, fancy costumes, peanut butter, eating paper towels, barking at deer, watching Oprah, and contemplating life from the safety of my mom’s lap.

Dislikes: stairs, basic commands, hot days, getting my nails trimmed, my prescription low fat dog food, being away from home, and long walks.

I share my home with three cats, one rabbit, and a couple of humans. You can read more about my life and adventures on my blog Pip Gets Back In The Game!
Note from Writer With Dogs: Pip has a great blog! Be sure to check it out! Thanks for the photo Pip and Kristin