Monday, January 17, 2011

Entry # 6 Ziva, The Golden Retriever From Maine

Hello from Maine,

I'm Ziva, a 2 1/2 year old Golden Retriever from the Coast of Maine. I go everywhere with my Daddy in his truck and I especially love swimming. But living in such a rural area limits my chances to meet other canines from around the world. Fortunately, Daddy lets me use his computer to check out the handsome hounds on some of the Canine Dating sites. We are very careful because we have found out that some of these unscrupulous dogs don't always tell the truth on their profile page. There is no way that a dog can be a multi-millionaire international spy, live in a mansion in Miami and drive a Ferrari.

So a word to all of you pups that surf the web. Better to be safe than sorry.

Sorry, I don't Twitter or Text, no thumbs, you know.
Love to you all,
                                        Ziva Skakle
                                        Stockton Springs, Maine

PS: Here I am with my older sister Baby!

How Bad am I? In my Michael Jackson hat and sunglasses.

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